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Welcome Message Chairman AEU

Asian European University provides the opportunity to take a bachelor's, Master's orDoctorate degree entirely from home or office. No residency or examination attendance is required.

The whole procedure is straight-forward and uncomplicated. Advice and support is available at every step of the way on a no-limit basis. Distance or open-learning is ideal for the career professional, for the house bound, for the busy adult, for the self-employed.

How many of these individuals could even consider taking one, two or three years off, to attend a full-time residential degree course?

There are many advantages in this approach - utilizing newly learned skills as soon as they are learned, studying at your own pace and from various locations, maintaining full career contact and income throughout the program, to mention but three.

using a friendly and highly efficient approach, Asian European University offers the student the opportunity to develop skills and potential, at the same time as fulfilling career requirements.

The program is flexible and may be joined at any time of the year. The cost includes all study materials, assessments and occasional work meetings but does not include text books.

The Asian European University program will enable the candidate to combine theory with practice - to blend practical every-day working life with the academic, and to achieve the ultimate reward - recognition by the award of a degree. The University is committed to the achiever, to the practically experienced, believing there is no substitute for hands-on acquired knowledge and skills.

Chairman AEU

Markus Taylor D.Sc.