Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply to Asian-European University?

A: Basically any individual who can show that they have acquired life experience, skills, knowledge, and/or expertise in a specific profession, occupation, and/or other setting. We accept students from all countries in the world without any limitations. All students will be treated the same and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Q: Can I backdate my University degree?

A: Yes.

Q: Who approves student applications?

A: Asian-European University has a vast network of professionals and academics who are experts in their field. After the proper documents have been received from a candidate, a relevant associate will be appointed to evaluate your documents. This associate will use the criteria related to the skills, know-how, and experience in evaluating your requirement in obtaining a degree in your chosen field of study.

Q: Do you have any residency requirements?

A: Asian-European University is a private non-residential university offering distance learning educational services. For this reason, our university does not have a physical campus like a traditional tertiary educational institution. There are no geographical barriers for our candidates who wish to obtain a degree from our institution. Thanks to the world wide web, we can enroll candidates from all the countries in the world.

Q: Why does the Asian-European University offer life experience degrees? 

A: We are fully aware of the many limitations facing individuals when they want to attend educational programs in traditional residential universities. These limitations can be in the form of time or finances or both. That is why we offer these individuals the opportunity to gain a degree through their life experience, skills, and know how. Many individuals cannot afford to leave their work or families, or both. Our university offers a way out for these individuals which is flexible, affordable, and efficient.

Q: Will my degree be legal? Can I include it on my resume/CV and other official documents?

A: To both questions the answer is yes. The degree is a legitimate life experience degree and can be used for the individual purposes of a candidate.

Q: Can prospective employers verify my degree?

A: Yes. All the records of the candidates who received a degree from our institution will be recorded by our academic registrar. This is the same procedure used by any traditional residential university. If an employer wishes to verify your academic records, we shall require your written permission from a candidate before we can release their academic records.

Q: Will my degree mention that I gained it through a "distance learning" or "Life Experience degree program"?

A: No. Your diploma and academic transcripts appear just as they would if you had graduated from a "traditional" university, meaning there is no mention of the words "equivalency," "non-traditional," "distance learning," or any similar expression on your degree.

Q: Is the Asian-European University accredited?

A: Yes. Our institution is accredited by the Asian Accreditation Council which has evaluated our university based on their criteria and guidelines. You can visit their website to gain a better understanding of their policies and

Q: Is the Asian European University registered?

A: Yes, it is registered at the Companies House in Cardiff, United Kingdom as 
Asian European Education Services Ltd with the company number 7560715