Field Trips and Study Tours

We can offer credits for individuals who have conducted field trips and study tours. Many individuals conduct business trips or stay for an extended time in other countries or cultures, or participate in activities related to other countries, cultures or subcultures. Associated with both a traditional school setting and independent learning, field trips consist of visiting a location outside of own homes, offices, schools, and towns. Trips and visits can be made locally, regionally or abroad. Places visited might include locations such as:

manufacturing facilities - breweries, distilleries - museums - historic sites and buildings - 
tombs, cemeteries and monuments - parks and gardens - zoos and animal sanctuaries -
gardens, greenhouses, orchards and horticultural centers - aquariums - dairy farms

Also to be included for consideration are field trips to public services facilities such as:

fire stations - TV stations - radio studios - newspaper offices and printing facilities - hospitals or health care facilities - police stations or detention centers - water or waste treatment plants