How We Assess Your Life Experience

Asian-European University will select those individuals who may already have gained either basic or substantial experience which can be reflected in visible skills and/or professional qualifications. These individuals already know what relevant degree they require in order to further their professional development.

Asian-European University will evaluate the experience, education, skills, and other professional and occupational achievements and translate that into appropriate credits which will lead towards their online degree.

Hard Skills and Soft Skills

There are two main types of skills, hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the things that you do such as knowing how to operate different kinds of machinery; having detailed knowledge of a specialized computer program, the ability to type fast or ability to use different types of tools.

Soft skills are abstract in nature and include personal qualities; being a good team player, having the ability to work on your own, being enthusiastic or organized and decisive. Work out how you can describe yours and you will get the job.

This is a list of the important job skills a job seeker must have to be sure of landing a good job and just as importantly, keeping it.

  1. The ability to find relevant information: Research Skill
  2. Logical thinking: Information Handling
  3. IT Skills: Technological Ability
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Organizational Skills
  6. Interpersonal Skills
  7. Ability to make a plan for your own personal and career growth

The education of applicants is another essential criterion for employers. Whether the application interview has gone well, it will not translate into a job without a strong educational background. You will not be considered as a serious candidate without a college degree, even if you have gained a lot of relevant work experience.

By acquiring an online degree through your life experience, you can have a chance to either change your current career, or upgrade your skills for your existing one.

Searching for a job or trying to get a promotion is never easy - but once you know what employers are looking for, you can make sure that you are well prepared so that you have a good chance at being successful.