Learning in Informal Settings

Many companies offer in-house training sessions for their employees. But many individuals also gain a lot of skills in an informal setting: on-the-job training, counseling, private lessons, correspondence courses and many other unspecified type of learning sessions. All these informal and also formal learning experiences are usually not leading to a degree.


Formal instruction is not the best way to learn.

We learn best when we are developmentally ready to learn. Children who learns to do long division at eight and children who learns long division at twelve are equally skilled at the age of fifteen.

Age means nothing when it comes to learning.

There is no single right age to begin learning any particular subject or skill. If a skill is learned at ten or fifteen, the end result will be the same.

More people become creative and effective outside schools

Teachers cannot deviate from standard methods of teaching: how to teach, when to teach, and where to teach. Students must be tested in the same way which is reductionist in nature. There is no room for creative teaching techniques. All children will be given the same type of education everywhere. In the end, children will become bored because the work is simplistic, unreasonable, and is being done to cater only for one purpose- getting a good test score.