Volunteer Work

Volunteer work will include many things like community activities, political campaigns, church activities, working in service organizations, social service agencies or hospitals, etc.

There are an increasing number of people nowadays who are starting to get involved in some kind of community volunteer work. There are many communities all over the world that have such great needs and it is a sure thing that many people will connect with a voluntary charity organization and will get great satisfaction from helping.

There are hundreds of thousands of people each and every year who do volunteer work abroad and find that serving in other communities is very satisfying as well.

There are also plenty of people who do voluntary charity work in communities just around the corner or all the way across the globe.

More and more often these days, people are making great use of their vacation time to go to far off lands to participate in community volunteer work. Even though some might see it as a sacrifice, those who return from such volunteer work overseas declare upon their return home that it was the experience of their lives. They will treasure the memories more than any previous trips they had taken in the past as mere tourists.

In many cases, these overseas volunteer work opportunities mean that the participants will be building houses for residents of extremely poor communities, or digging ditches to bring water to the community, or trenches and pits for improving sanitary facilities.

There are also opportunities for overseas volunteer work that involve working in health clinics, visiting families to provide vaccinations, teaching English, or teaching other skills, such as cooking and personal hygiene.

After a year or two of service, volunteers emerge with new ideas and enter the job market with a distinct advantage. Many former volunteers report that potential employers and universities look favorably on their volunteer experience, and some volunteer programs offer the opportunity to get a graduate degree. Even more importantly, volunteers acquire skills, and test and refine ideas in the crucible of reality.

Here are the TOP SIX Career Skills which can be acquired by getting involved in volunteer work:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Fundraising
  • Problem solving
  • Public Speaking