What We Offer

The Asian-European University now offers degrees to individuals who have gained professional and occupational experience. Life experience degrees award individuals a legal degree for what they already know. Life experience encompasses achievements in education, training, workshops, professional activities, on-the-job training, work experience, and even volunteer activities.

Individuals who can show that they have gained valuable experience can be award a life experience degree. When an individual has been recognized to have gained a considerable amount of life experience, the Asian-European University will award that individual a life experience degree and no residential classes or examinations need to be undertaken.

The Asian-European University award life experience degrees to individuals who can show credible evidence of substantial experience or expertise in a specific field, but cannot afford to spend several years in college or at a university to acquire a degree or diploma.

Due to the nature of the mechanisms of all economic systems in the world, individuals must show educational documents if they want to get employed and/or promoted. Now the Asian-European University offers a solution for these individuals- an internationally accredited degree. With a degree from the Asian- European University, individuals can finally get recognition for their, own contributions to society, their skills and natural talents.

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